Frog screams out "Weed Poop" for all to hear

Hi i'm Aaron and i'm the reason you delete your internet history.

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Why is the sun out I feel like im in the desert this some Laurence of Arabia shit right now

"sorry babe we’re having trouble getting rid of this guy will be done soon"

" tell him to fuck off im lost"

Employment advice from me

Another alleyway, think being so bored and starved of human contact for a few hours is making me tempt fate now

typewriterink: You're journey has seriously fucking made my day

I am glad i am still lost and almost walked into someone on a bike writing this
Hour 2 is over and im more lost than I’ve ever been

This window cleaner has seen me walk past 3 times BC I keep finding dead ends


Walking down a long alleyway R I P me gonna get mugged

These people have big boxes from amazon, I’ve found the rich nice house area

Literally have no idea where I am now and im still going

My life motto tbh

Oh I found the rest of a bed round the corner

There’s a fucking mattress in the road

Literally decided to just follow roads north, getting myself lost for fun
I’m down a really rough looking street and there’s a man just stood there not really moving at all just staring at the other side of the road still for at least 3 minutes now

Someone probably did pee here and im so bored I just don’t care piss on my corpse when I die from boredom in 10 more minutes